Used Brass Cases – Over 60 Different Calibers Available

  • 13 Mar 2021 7:31 am
  • Meyerton, Sedibeng, Gauteng


  • Condition : Secondhand


Hunting season is upon is in South Africa πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦πŸ’₯ Outdoor & All Sales has got you covered on brass cases!

Over 60 different calibers of used brass doppies available!


9mmP R1.00 each
9mmP resized, deprimed, wet tumbled clean and roll sized R1.40 each (Competition ready)
9mmK/Short R1.50 each
9 x 21 R2.00 each
9 x 23 R2.00 each
7.65/32ACP R1.30 each
32 S&W/32 S&W Long R2.00 each
38 S&W R2.50 each
7.62 x 25mm Tokarev R2.20 each
357 Sig R2.50 each (Clearance at R1.50 each)
40 S&W R2.50 each
45 ACP R2.40 each
460 S&W R7.50 each
38spl R1.50 each
357 Magnum R2.50 each
10mm Auto R2.50 each
44 S&W R4.50 each
44 Rem Magnum R4.80 each
45 Colt R5.00 each
45 Win Mag R6.50 each
454 Casul R5.00 each (Clearance at R4.00 each)
50 AE (Desert Eagle) R6.00 each
9 x 23 Winchester R2.50 each
223 R2.40 each (Some have LM dents)
223 Resized, deprimed and roll sized R2.70 each (Competition ready)
25.06 R5.00 each
257 Roberts/260 Rem R6.00 each
6.5 Creedmoor R8.00 each (SOLD OUT)
30-30 R4.50 each
303 British R6.50 each (SOLD OUT)
300 Savage R6.00 each
6.5×55/6.5 x 57/7×64 R5.00 each
6mm Musgrave R5.00 each (SOLD OUT)
222 R4.50 each
22-250 R4.50 each (SOLD OUT)
243 R4.50 each
6mm Remington R5.00 each
7×57 R4.50 each
270/308/30.06 R4.30 each
270 WSM/300 WSM R12.00 each
300 Weatherby/340 Weatherby R15.00 each
300WM/7mm Remington R9.50 each
338 Win Mag R14.00 each
338 Lapua R29.00 each (SOLD OUT)
8×57 JS R8.00 each
8 x 68 R10.00 each
9.3 x 62 R8.50 each
9.3 x 64 R8.50 each (SOLD OUT)
375 H&H R10.00 each
458 Win Mag R10.00 each
458 Lott R16.00 each (SOLD OUT)
50 BMG (berdan primed, nice for display purposes/to make bottle openers) R30.00 each

257 Weatherby BRAND NEW UNFIRED NORMA R30.00 each
7mm Weatherby BRAND NEW UNFIRED NORMA R29.00 each
340 Weatherby BRAND NEW UNFIRED NORMA R29.00 each
404 Jeffrey BRAND NEW UNFIRED NORMA R35.00 each

All RIFLE brass is headstamp sorted, deprimed, wet tumbled clean and inspected for any defects. All PISTOL brass only wet tumbled clean and mixed headstamps.

Outdoor & All Sales is based in Meyerton, Gauteng but courier nationwide, daily.

If interested, please send us a WhatsApp/PM or email for a response.

071 168 3787 or

  • Corner Mitchell and Pierneef Boulevard


  • Deprimed
  • Cleaned
  • Inspected

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Chris Christofi

Corner Mitchell And Pierneef Boulevard
Meyerton, Sedibeng, Gauteng
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