Frequently Asked Questions

You can register an account by clicking the Login/Register icon on the top right hand side of the main page, left of the “Post Your Ad” button. Fill in the details and click the
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Click on the “Post Your Ad” button on the top right of the main page, and register or login if you have not already. Once this is done, simply fill in the details of the item you wish to sell, and ensure that they are correct. Once you have done this, simply click the “Post Ad” button and complete the verification process.

When buying a gun from a private seller, the safest option is to use a registered and licensed firearm dealer as an intermediary for the sale. The seller can place the firearm in storage with the dealer until the licensing process has been completed, at which point the seller can collect the firearm with the new license.

The first step that anyone that intends to license a firearm must take, is to complete the required proficiency training course that corresponds with the TYPE of firearm that they wish to license. For example, if you wish to own a handgun, you would need to complete the training program for Handguns. If you wish to own a rifle or shotgun, you would likewise have to complete the respective courses for each. The same applies to automatic weapons or carbines and black powder firearms.

Once you have completed STEP 1, your next step is to go to your local police station and speak to your DFO (District firearms officer) and request an application form for competency to possess a firearm. This is a simple application form in which you must provide character references like close friends or family, which the police will then perform telephonic interviews with. The purpose of this is to ascertain that you are of sound mind and body and that you do not possess a criminal record or participate in violent or dangerous behaviour.

The Third and final step, once you have completed step 1 & 2, is to go to your local firearm dealer or to a private seller and purchase a firearm. Once your competency has been approved, the dealer will then provide you with a SAPS271 license application form which you need to complete, attach your motivational documentation to and hand in at your local police station. Then once your license has been approved, you may take possession of your firearm.